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Awareness of health and safety trainings Essay

Without the correct level of training you are not allowed to carry out certain tasks relating to Health and Safety. Here are a few examples: †¢Moving and handling †¢Administering medication †¢Emergency first aid †¢Giving injections †¢Peg feeding †¢Colostomy †¢Fighting fire If you are unsure about what you can and cannot do, you must discuss this with your supervisor / manager. Where and from whom additional support and information relating to Health and Safety can be accessed? †¢The Health and Safety at Work Act requires employers to ensure workers are appropriately knowledgeable about Health and Safety and that they are properly trained in relevant areas. Your employer may have a health and safety representative who is responsible for health and safety issues at work. Ask your supervisor or manager about the Health and Safety policies and procedures in your work place. The main points of Health and Safety policies and procedures †¢To secure the health, safety and welfare of persons at work. †¢To protect other people from hazards arising from work. †¢To control the keeping and use of dangerous substances and materials, including explosives and highly flammable materials. †¢To control the emission of noxious substances from certain premises. †¢It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety and welfare at work of all his employees. Examples of the subjects that should have Health and Safety policies and procedures: †¢Moving and handling of people and objects †¢Personal hygiene †¢Infection control †¢Personal safety and lone working †¢Fire safety †¢Food safety and hygiene †¢What to do in the event of an emergency †¢Risk assessments †¢Smoking at work †¢Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for people working with computers †¢Use of chemicals and waste disposal †¢Security measures and visitors

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Analysis Of Maus By Art Speigelman And Film The Best...

Name: Bisi Alade Date: 10/25/15 Thesis: When we look at the combat, we tend to disregard the effect of the perpetrator also knows as the soldier who fought in the war and the victims who experienced the tragedy as bystanders, but the novel and film showcase the perspective that people don’t see. Introduction: War can be seen from different perspectives but can also be defined as a battle against an opponent. War impacts people differently based on the events taking place. Traumas from being a victim or perpetuator can affect those individuals’ emotionally, mentally and physically. Hence, the conflicts can alter life drastically; when we look at the battle, we tend to disregard the effect of the perpetrator also known as the soldier who fought in the war and the victims who experienced the tragedy as bystanders, instead the focus is more on the mass destruction of bombings in communities. In the book â€Å"Maus† by Art Speigelman and film â€Å"The Best Years of Our Life†, the narrator takes us into a world of war where the behavioral changes in the victims is brought up as a result of the war that takes place. The novel and film help display another view and allow us as viewers to see the true experience that humans go through instead of just the attacks during war. During the holocaust many people endured pain due to the fact that thousands of innocent people were brutally killed. Many people were separated from their families and sent into the gas chambers to be killed, while

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Is First Do No Harm Part of the Hippocratic Oath

The expression first do no harm is a popular term used to express the underlying ethical rules of modern medicine. Although this is generally thought to have been taken from the ancient Greek Hippocratic oath, no translations of the oath contain this language.   Key Takeaways The expression first do no harm, which is a Latin phrase, is not part of the original or modern versions of the Hippocratic oath, which was originally written in Greek.  The Hippocratic oath, written in the 5th century BCE, does contain language suggesting that the physician and his assistants should not cause physical or moral harm to a patient.  The first known published version of do no harm dates to medical texts from the mid-19th century, and is attributed to the 17th century English physician Thomas Sydenham.   What Does First Do No Harm Mean? First do no harm is a popular saying that derives from the Latin phrase, primum non nocere or primum nil nocere. The term is particularly popular amongst those involved in the field of healthcare, medicine, or bioethics, and among popular accounts of the medical field, since it is a basic principle taught in healthcare-providing classes. The takeaway point of first do no harm is that, in certain cases, it may be better to do nothing rather than intervening and potentially causing more harm than good.   History of the Hippocratic Oath   The Hippocratic oath is part of an outline of essential ethics in medicine which is described in ancient Greek literature. Hippocrates was a Greek physician who lived on the island of Cos between about 460-370 BCE. He wrote many medical texts and is considered one of the most important figures in ancient Greek medicine. He is generally credited with writing the original Hippocratic Oath.   The oldest extant mention of the Hippocratic Oath was found on a medical papyrus dated to the 5th century CE, one of the many thousands of manuscripts found in the archaeological treasure trove Oxyrhynchus. The oldest extant version is from the 10th century CE. It is stored in the Vatican library. The original is thought to have been a written law of the medical fraternal organization on the island of Cos, of which Hippocrates was a member. Written in Greek about 421 BCE, the oath was originally intended as a pledge between a master (the physician) and his qualified assistants.   The Original Purpose of the Oath Healers in Athenian society were known as Asclepiads and they belonged to a guild (koinon), to which they inherited their right of membership from their fathers. Hippocrates father and grandfather before him were members of the guild on Cos. Then, doctors were itinerant specialists who carried their skills from city to city, setting up surgeries. Rather than a promise made by new doctors on joining the guild, the oath was sworn by nurses and assistants in the various surgeries as part of a promise to obey the doctor.   According to the original Hippocratic oath, these assistants were to respect their masters, share medical knowledge, help patients and avoid harming them medically or personally, seek help from other physicians when necessary, and keep patient information confidential.  Ã‚   However, there is no mention of the phrase first do no harm in the original oath. Hippocratic Oath in Modern Usage Although first do no harm does not actually come from the Hippocratic oath verbatim, it can be argued that it does come from that text in essence. That is, similar ideas are conveyed in the text of the Hippocratic Oath. Take, for example, this related section which has been translated as: I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel, and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion.   In reading the Hippocratic oath, it is apparent that not harming the patient is explicit. However, it is not clear that abstain from whatever is deleterious is equivalent to doing no harm.   Of the Epidemics A closer version to the succinct do no harm does come (possibly) from Hippocrates, however. Of the Epidemics is a part of the Hippocratic Corpus, which is a collection of ancient Greek medical texts written between 500 and 400 BCE. Hippocrates was never proven to be the author of any of these works, but the theories do follow closely with Hippocrates teachings. Regarding first do no harm, Of the Epidemics is considered to be the more likely source of the popular saying. Consider this quote: The physician must be able to tell the antecedents, know the present, and foretell the future  Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã‚  must mediate these things, and have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to do no harm.   However, according to an exhaustive search of the ancient and historical literature conducted by pharmacologist Cedric M. Smith, the phrase primum non nocere does not appear in medical texts until the mid-19th century, when it is attributed to the 17th century English physician Thomas Sydenham.   The Hippocratic Oath At many medical schools, but by no means all, a version of the Hippocratic oath is given to the student on graduation or read to the students in the first year. Different countries have different customs about the oath. In French medical schools, it is common to have the student sign the oath on graduation. In the Netherlands, students must swear to it verbally.   At graduation, some deans read the oath while the students stand silent. In others, the students repeat a modern version of the oath at the graduation ceremony. However, data on these reports do not tell how often primum non nocere is included as part of the oath.   Sources Crawshaw, Ralph. The Hippocratic Oath [with Reply]. BMJ. BMJ: British Medical Journal, T. H. Pennington, C. I. Pennington, et al., Vol. 309, No. 6959, JSTOR, October 8, 1994. Jones, Mary Cadwalader. The Hippocratic Oath. The American Journal of Nursing. Vol. 9, No. 4, JSTOR, January 1909.   Nittis, Savas. The Authorship and Probable Date of the Hippocratic Oath. The Johns Hopkins University Press. Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol. 8, No. 7, JSTOR, July 1940. Shmerling, Robert H., MD. The Myth of the Hippocratic Oath. Harvard Health Publishing. Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Blog, Harvard University, November 28, 2015. Smith, Cedric M. Origin and Uses of Primum Non Nocere  Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã‚  Above All, Do No Harm! The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Volume 45, Issue 4, American College of Clinical Pharmacology, John Wiley Sons, Inc., March 7, 2013.

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Personal Statement Ruby Payne s Nine Powerful...

Ruby Payne is respected by the educational world as she provides many ways to help those in poverty learn and rise to success. Educators attend conferences and seminars to learn about how to help those in their classroom that have conflicting behaviors to what is accepted at school. According to Payne in â€Å"Nine Powerful Practices,† she addressed nine ways to help these low-income students. She discusses the importance of respect between the teacher and student. Those who may not be familiar with a respectful relationship between an adult will learn it at school by the teacher providing acceptance and assistance to their needs. A teacher is not to provide passive displays of aggression to show that they are disappointed or frustrated. The best would be to pull a child to the side preferably when other children are not around to discuss how a respectful relationship would work. A teacher should form close relationships with those in his/her classroom. Making sure that children feel loved helps encourage them to learn. Payne also addresses the type of language to use in the classroom. She notes that speaking with a mix of formality and casualty that is called consultative speech will help teach those in poverty what is the acceptable behavior at school. Those who do not speak with speech that shows formality can be taught another phrase for what they are trying to say. Working in a poor district does not have to be a disadvantage. Teachers can find ways to helpShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesTWENTIETH-C ENTURY H ISTORY In the series Critical Perspectives on the Past, edited by Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America

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Challenges faced by Psychiatric Nurse-Free-Samples-Myassignment

Question: Identify the challenges faced by Psychiatric Nurse in maintaining Patients autonomy during Emergencies. Answer: Introduction: The nursing practice standard is organized around the nursing process of assessment, diagnosis, planning specific health outcome, implementing interventions and evaluating the care process. However, psychiatric mental health nurse face various challenges in maintaining the nursing standards while caring for mentally ill patients. According to the standard 9 of the NMBA standards for nursing practice, nurses are required to support individual or groups to informed decision making and respect a patients decision for care (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Registered nurse standards for practice 2017). This implies that nurses have the responsibility to respect patients autonomy while delivering care (Rahmani, Ghahramanian Alahbakhshian, 2010). However, in psychiatric nursing practice, ethical challenges increases for mental health nurses as they cannot engage patients in decision making due to impaired mental and reasoning capacity. This increases the risk of violation of pat ients autonomy and creates a dilemma for nurse. Increase in ethical dilemma apart from the complexity in care of mentally ill patient is the major reason for high turnover rate and poor satisfaction of nurse with psychiatric nursing job (Ma et al., 2016). To overcome these issues and increase the satisfaction of psychiatric nurse in their professional practice, conducting qualitative research to get detailed insight about challenges in maintaining patient autonomy in psychiatric nursing practice is important. This will help to modify models of care and give nurses the flexibility to justify their action of taking clinical decision on behalf of patient in emergencies despite the need to maintain patients autonomy during clinical decision making. This research proposal seeks to employ qualitative research method to understand the dilemma faced by psychiatric nurse in decision making during emergency situation. Research question and research objective: Research objective: The main objective of the research proposal is to- Identify the challenges faced by psychiatric nurse in maintaining patients autonomy during emergencies Evaluate the impact of challenges on psychiatric nursing practice Identify and recommend strategies to improve the skills of psychiatric nurse Recommend strategies to overcome the identified challenges and promote ethically safe nursing practice Research question: The research question is- What are factors that results in violation of patients autonomy/right during emergencies? What is the impact of these challenges on mental health nursing experience? How can they cope with the challenges? Gaps in Literature review: Before proceeding with the research work, it is necessary to review previous research done on the topic and find out what questions stills remain unanswered. The review of recent literature on the issue of ethical conflict in psychiatric nursing practice has shown that frequent ethical problem between nurse and mentally ill patient arise due to neglect and careless behavior towards patients, poor knowledge of nursing ethics and poor skills to manage complexities of psychiatric nursing practice (Rahmani, Ghahramanian Alahbakhshian 2010). Smith Herber (2015) justified the nurse action of violating patients autonomy to serve the best interest of patient and prevent them from any harm. The research explained that people with mental disorders have poor capacity to give informed consent during emergencies and in such situations nurses are required to take best decision on behalf of patient without compromising their life. They do not have the option of consulting family members too becau se they may not be readily available during emergencies or waiting for them might risk patients life. In addition, Puthran et al., (2013) also pointed out that violation of patients autonomy incidence depended on level of therapeutic relationship between patient and nurse. This was based on the assumption that a nurse is more likely to respect patients autonomy if they have good understanding about the subjective feelings of patients with mental illness. Despite the presence of useful insight regarding ethical implication in psychiatric nursing, the gap in these research work was that no process or system was described by which nurses could report about ethical issues in their practice. In some studies, detailed analysis of challenges was not present which limited the transferability of the findings in real setting. Some studies did not addressed the consequences of the challenges for psychiatric nurse. Secondly, there is lack of appropriate evidence regarding the coping mechanism t hat nurses can take to manage professional obstacles in nursing practice. Research methodology: Research paradigm and approach: As the key focus of the research proposal is to investigate in-depth about the psychiatric nurses perspective about violating patients autonomy in emergencies, the use of qualitative research approach is considered to be the most appropriate according to the research objective. The qualitative method of inquiry is useful for in-depth understanding of human behavior and this can be effectively used to evaluate the experiences of psychiatric nurse too (Lewis 2015). The nature of this research can also be defined as exploratory as it mainly explores the research question in detail to determine the nature of problem. Data for the research can be collected by semi-structure interview or survey method and the main advantage of exploratory nature of research in the context of the research question is that it will provide better understanding about the ethical challenges faced by nurse and facilitate brining change in the right direction based on the revelations from the new data (Barker and Pistrang, 2015). By this approach, the meaning of the data can be adequately categorized according to different themes. Reliable and clear set of data can be collected by semi-structured interview method. The use of open-ended questionnaire will help to explore relevant topic in depth which might not be possible with close ended questions (Leung 2015). Close ended questionnaire will also be prepared mainly to get demographic detail of research participants such as age, experience and qualification. Research paradigm is the specific method of inquiry and interpretation to understand a phenomenon in particular context (Mertens 2014). As the purpose of this research proposal is to investigate and evaluate challenges experienced by psychiatric nurse in maintaining patients autonomy during emergencies, it is reflective of interpretivist paradigm. Interpretivist research approach aims to understand human experience and as this research proposal particularly investigates about the experience of psychiatric nurse, it is also dependent on participants views of the situation (Cohen et al. 2013). It can also be regarded as anti-positivism and phenemonology paradigm because anti-positivism focus on interpreting the individual by the ideological position they posses and phenomenological research approach helps to explore the reasons for specific behavior of an individual based on direct interaction with the phenomena (Burrell and Morgan 2017). Hence, this research will not begin with a theo ry, however patterns of meaning will be generated by means of appropriate data collection method. The use of semi-structured interview method in this research also shows qualitative phenomenological approach in research which seeks to describe the lived experience of a phenomenon (Smith 2015). In the research, the lived experience of psychiatric nurse will be investigated and the phenomenon is working engaging in decision making with mentally ill patient. Research design: Descriptive qualitative research design has been adapted for this research proposal as it seeks to investigate about the research topic by means of qualitative semi-structured interview method. This is in relevance to the interpretivist research paradigm because interpretivist research approach integrates human interest in study and this research also focuses on the interest of psychiatrist nurse (Ormston et al. 2014). The reality of challenges in this study will be explored by interviewing psychiatrist nurse working in emergency care with the use of detailed questionnaire on the research topic. The descriptive research design will help to organize the findings into different theme and analyze them individually. True meaning behind the reason for increase in ethical issues related to patients autonomy violation by psychiatric nurse can be understood from this study. Research strategy Data collection: To address the research question, primary data will be collected by means of interview and survey methods. The interview will be based on set of open-ended and close ended questionnaire related to the research questions. The close ended questionnaire for the study will include the following: Year of experience in emergency department of acute mental health nursing Interaction with type of mentally ill patients Age and country of origin Qualification The open-ended questionnaire will inquire about the following Number of ethical violations related to patients autonomy Factors contributing to violation of patients autonomy System in place of psychiatric nurse to report about challenges in psychiatric practice Coping mechanism adopted to deal with challenges The interview will be conducted with selected sample group in an enclosed room and recorded for data analysis purpose. The main interviewer for the study will be an individual with at least 10 years of experience in psychiatric nursing practice but belonging to different institute. This will eliminate any biasness in analysis of research data. The primary data will help in collection of all information related to research question and topic. This can then be analyzed by researcher to answer the research question. Sampling method: The research will be conducted in a reputed mental health care setting in Australia. Non-probability sampling method will be followed to choose specific participants as per requirements of the research. Non-probability sampling is different form probability sampling as it does not employ random methods for selection of participants. This helps in the selection of participants according to specific plan of research (Acharya et al., 2013). The main criteria for selecting sample in this research study is- The participants must have qualification in psychiatric nursing Students with experience up to ten years will be included Nursing student must be between the age of 20-50 years Before conducting the research, the ethical approval for the study will be taken from the Research Committee of Australia and the permission for interview will also be taken from the mental health care setting. The participants will be provided all detail about the purpose of research and they will be included in the research study only after they give their consent for research (Marshall and Rossman 2014).For this, consent form will be sent to all psychiatric nurses. The sample size will be determined on the basis of number of positive response by psychiatric nurses. Data analysis: After the collection of data from semi-structured interview method, the evaluation of the data can be done by thematic approach. The data obtained from the interview can be categorized into the different themes such as organizational barrier, personal practice barrier and patient related barrier based on the response from participants. The content analysis can be done by summarization and tabulation method. The basic level of analysis will be descriptive account of the data and high level would be interpretive analysis of the participants response (Elo et al., 2014). This research design is likely to cover the limitation found in past research as it will provided detailed analysis about challenges and it will also give idea about the limitation in the current system present for nurse to report about ethical challenges in emergency nursing practice. Structure of research: The proposed research will have five chapters consisting of introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings and discussion and conclusion. The first chapter will clearly explain the purpose and significance of research. The second will present the previous work on the topic of investigation. The third chapter will adequately summarize relevant research design, data collection and sampling methods adopted for conducting the research. The fourth chapter will give an indication about the response of ethical challenges faced by psychiatric nurses while working with mentally ill patient patient. Based on the study finding, the final chapter will recommend appropriate strategies needed to enhance the competency of nurse in maintain patients autonomy during care References Acharya, A.S., Prakash, A., Saxena, P. and Nigam, A., 2013, Sampling: Why and how of it, Indian Journal of Medical Specialties,4(2), pp.330-333. Barker, C. and Pistrang, N., 2015, Research methods in clinical psychology: An introduction for students and practitioners, John Wiley Sons. Burrell, G. and Morgan, G., 2017, Sociological paradigms and organisational analysis: Elements of the sociology of corporate life, Routledge. Cohen, L., Manion, L. and Morrison, K., 2013.Research methods in education. Routledge. Elo, S., Kriinen, M., Kanste, O., Plkki, T., Utriainen, K. and Kyngs, H., 2014, Qualitative content analysis: A focus on trustworthiness,Sage Open,4(1), p.2158244014522633. Eren, N., 2014, Nurses attitudes toward ethical issues in psychiatric inpatient settings, Nursing ethics,21(3), pp.359-373. Leung, L., 2015 Validity, reliability, and generalizability in qualitative research Journal of family medicine and primary care,4(3), p.324. Lewis, S., 2015, Qualitative inquiry and research design: Choosing among five approaches, Health promotion practice,16(4), pp.473-475. Ma, Y.C., Yang, C.Y., Tseng, C.A. and Wu, M.H., 2016 Predictors of Work Stress among Psychiatric Nursing Staff in Rural and Urban Settings in TaiwanInternational Journal of Studies in Nursing,1(1), p.70. Marshall, C. and Rossman, G.B., 2014, Designing qualitative research, Sage publications. Mertens, D.M., 2014, Research and evaluation in education and psychology: Integrating diversity with quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods Sage publications. Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Registered nurse standards for practice. 2017,, Retrieved 31 August 2017, from Ormston, R., Spencer, L., Barnard, M. and Snape, D., 2014, The foundations of qualitative research, Qualitative research practice: A guide for social science students and researchers,2. Puthran, S., Vaswani, V., Jain, A. Kakunje, A., 2013, Perception about autonomy of patients having psychiatric disorder/illness by psychiatry nursing Staff,Age,21, p.30. Rahmani, A., Ghahramanian, A., Alahbakhshian, A. (2010), Respecting to patients autonomy in viewpoint of nurses and patients in medical-surgical wards, Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research,15(1), 14. Smith, J.A. ed., 2015, Qualitative psychology: A practical guide to research methods, Sage. Smith, J.P. Herber, O.R., 2015, Ethical issues experienced by mental health nurses in the administration of antipsychotic depot and long?acting intramuscular injections: A qualitative study, International journal of mental health nursing,24(3), pp.222-230.

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What Must Be Done to Improve Ethics in Finance and Corporate Governance free essay sample

Corporate governance can be referred to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated and controlled. It can also refer to internal factors defined by the officers, stockholders or constitution of a corporation. After finding the meaning of Corporate governance, which can also be referred to corporate responsibility, I thought about the policies in which the company I work for have. I work for Northrop Grumman, which is one of the leaders in global security. My company does strive to remain committed to maintaining the highest of ethical standards, embracing diversity and becoming an ideal corporate citizen ,taking responsibility for the quality , delivering customer satisfaction, demonstrating leadership as a company, acting with integrity, valuing people, and regarding our suppliers as essential team members. A lot of training programs and ethics training must be completed every year in order to have access to computer systems. They have strict policies on which business associates are to conduct business. We will write a custom essay sample on What Must Be Done to Improve Ethics in Finance and Corporate Governance? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page So there are a lot of regulations on not sacrificing integrity to achieve business objectives. The goal is to abide by the highest principles and integrity and concern for others. With the reputation Northrop Grumman has, they strive on doing what is right, so respect and support is gained. Corporate governance has received a lot of attention because of the scandals involving abuse of corporate power, alleged criminal activity and unethical or illegal acts on the name of the company. Corporate governance matters because there is a level of confidence that is associated with a company that is known to have a good reputation. Having the presence of a directors and board members contributes a great deal towards ensuring confidence the market. Since Northrop Grumman works in the US and internationally, investors are depending on this information, to know whether to invest in them or not. Having corporate governance makes it easier for companies to source capital at more reasonable costs. When you think about corporate governance and the scandals that come to mind is Enron. This turned out to be scan in which Enron lied about its profits, shady dealings and concealing debts. A lot of regulations came down from the government regarding corporate responsibility and regulations. Big businesses had a lot of freedom to do what they wanted to do. Directors, Shareholders, and Presidents of companies needed to take another look at how their businesses were being run. What needs to change and what needs to be implemented so this doesn’t happen to us? The Securities and Exchange Commission voted on three measures that are intended to better inform and empower investors to improve corporate governance and help restore investor confidence. The Commission proposed requiring public companies receiving money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to provide a shareholder vote on executive pay in their proxy solicitations . The Commission also voted to propose better disclosure of executive compensation at public companies in their proxy statements, and approved a New York Stock Exchange rule change to prohibit brokers from voting proxies in corporate elections without instructions from their customers. Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) in an effort to protect U. S. capital markets and millions of American shareholders. SOX promote accountability and transparency in corporations. It also has a few provisions that enhance the effectiveness of corporate directors, in-house and outside counsel, and internal and external auditors. Some ways that the SEC can enforce these compliance regulations is to develop an inspection program to review corporation’s financial statement and accounting practices. Shareholders should be given a greater role in voting, through nominations, election of individual candidates instead of slates, and majority instead of plurality decisions. The boards compensation committee should be required to approve the compensation of all top-tier executives. The boards audit committee should obtain control over the internal audit function as well as over the outside auditors, including the power to terminate personnel and to approve compensation. Tying ethics to finance isn’t that hard. Ethics is the moral correctness of specified conduct, the study and practice of appropriate behavior, regardless of the behaviors legality. Certain industries have professional organizations setting and promoting certain ethical standards. When we look at the banking industry for an example, we are putting our money into in a company, who is supposed to protect it, give us interest on it and possibly advise on making investing decisions. With investing, ethics helps inform the investment decisions of some individuals and companies. But recently large banking has failed. The U. S. Financial system was rather free and didn’t have many regulations to control greed and fraud. Wrong and risky moves were made and in turn it affected the customer. There are more fees, less interest and failing banks. There are many ethical violations that affect finance but there are ways to improve financial ethics. Improving standards, such as creating a plan. The first step, as should be the case with any initiative, is to create a clear plan that focuses on addressing particular situational needs of the organization. Each plan should be unique to fit the business, typical activities would include items such as improving the hiring process, clear communication of the ethics policy and codes of conduct, establish a systems of checks and controls to ensure wrong doing is discouraged and discovered in a timely manner, and finally a clear policy and procedure for investigating and handling breeches in ethics appropriate to its level and severity. Finding weak links in the business and once it has been identified; implement steps to improve the ethical environment. Hold the training classes, circulate the code of conduct annually with each employee signing a statement that they have read it and will comply. Follow the plan for hiring even if it is inconvenient to check references and background. identified by the plan, develop clear policies and procedures for key processes, and then conduct training to ensure all relevant employees understand the expectations of how processes should be carried out. Clear policies and procedures communicated and followed by organizational members is a critical piece of an internal control. Ethics is a part of the organizational culture, besides developing and executing a plan, the most important way for a business to improve ethics is for the organizational leaders to display the highest degree of ethical behavior in how they conduct business on a day to day basis. In conclusion, ethics in finance and corporate governance go hand in hand. The importance of honesty and integrity plays a critical part in any organization. In my professional career, I have witness both sides of the correct way of conducting business and the incorrect.

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31 Beautiful Quotes to Say, I Love You

31 Beautiful Quotes to Say, I Love You The three simple words, I love you, might not seem like enough to really express how you feel. After all, how can a measly 10 characters (including spaces) adequately plumb the depths of your soul? Tell that special someone whats in your heart with some eloquence and grace after getting some ideas from some famous romances- and romantics- through the ages. Hearing thoughtful words never gets old, even if your sweetie already knows your love is true. George Moore George Moore was a 19th-century Irish poet. It is said that he was in love with Lady Cunard  and had a secret relationship with her. Although Moore was keen to dedicate a novel for his lover, Lady Cunard did not want to publicize their relationship. Eventually, Moore convinced Lady Cunard to let him write a dedication to her in his novel  Heloise and Abelard. However, Lady Cunard made sure that Moore only mentioned her as Madame X and did not use her real name. This quote is from a collection of his letters that were published as Letters to Lady Cunard published in 1957: The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men, it is said to have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning Elizabeth Barrett was a well-known poet even before she met her future husband,  Robert Browning. An invalid and a recluse, Elizabeth had found her true love. The 573 letters they wrote to each other started in 1845 with Robert writing to say how much he enjoyed her work. The couple fell deeply in love, but their relationship was frowned upon by Elizabeths strict and dominating father. On September 12, 1846, they eloped. After the wedding, Elizabeth returned home  but kept her marriage a secret. Eventually, she fled with Robert to Italy and never returned to her fathers home. This quote reflects her deep love for her husband: I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. Robert didnt hide his feelings either: So, fall asleep love, loved by me...for I know love, I am loved by thee.   King Henry VIII King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were an unlikely match. Their desire to marry was the root cause of the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, which would not grant him a release from his first marriage. King Henry VIII was so besotted by Anne Boleyn that he chased her until she agreed to marry him. He wrote Anne in a love letter in 1528: I beseech you now with all my heart definitely to let me know your whole mind as to the love between us... More Famous Words  of Love Love letters of most people remain private, unless, of course, you become famous. From Johnny Cash to June Carter Cash You’ve got a way with words and a way with me as well. The...ring of fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout.   We get old and get used to each other. We think alike. We read each others minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes take each other for granted. But once in a while, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met. You still fascinate and inspire me. You influence me for the better. Youre the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence. Herman Hesse If I know what love is, it is because of you. Charlie Parker to Chan Woods   Beautiful is the world, slow is one to take advantage. Wind up the world the other way. And at the start of the turning of the earth, lie my feelings for thou. Herbert Trench Come, let us make love deathless. Woodrow Wilson, to future wife, Edith You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, and my love, my reverence, my admiration for you, you have increased in one evening as I should have thought only a lifetime of intimate, loving association could have increased them. Rockwell Kent to wife, Frances And as I love you utterly, so have you now become the whole world of my spirit. It is beside and beyond anything that you can ever do for me; it lies in what you are, dear love- to me so infinitely lovely that to be near you, to see you, hear you, is now the only happiness, the only life, I know.   Cassandra Clare, City of Glass I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if theres a life after that, Ill love you then. Prince Albert to Queen Victoria Even in my dreams I never imagined that I should find so much love on earth.  How that moment shines for me still when I was close to you, with your hand in mine. Pearl S. Buck I love people. I love my family, my children†¦but inside myself is a place where I live all alone and thats where you renew your springs that never dry up. Jessie B. Rittenhouse My debt to you, Beloved, Is one I cannot pay In any coin of any realm On any reckoning day. John Keats   My dear Girl I love you ever and ever and without reserve. The more I have known you the more have I lov’d....Can I help it? You are always new. The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest. When you pass’d my window home yesterday, I was fill’d with as much admiration as if I had then seen you for the first time...No ill prospect has been able to turn your thoughts a moment from me. This perhaps should be as much a subject of sorrow as joy- but I will not talk of that. Even if you did not love me I could not help an entire devotion to you: how much more deeply then must I feel for you knowing you love me. My Mind has been the most discontented and restless one that ever was put into a body too small for it. I never felt my Mind repose upon anything with complete and undistracted enjoyment- upon no person but you. When you are in the room my thoughts never fly out of window: you always concentrate my whole senses.   Cole Porter Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it; let’s do it, let’s fall in love. Mark Twain to Olivia Langdon Out of the depths of my happy heart wells a great tide of love and prayer for this priceless treasure that is confined to my life-long keeping. You cannot see its intangible waves as they flow towards you, darling, but in these lines you will hear, as it were, the distant beating of the surf. Ralph Waldo Emerson Thou art to me a delicious torment. Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan When you arent there Im no place, just lost in time and space. I more than love you, Im not whole without you. You are life itself to me.  When you are gone Im waiting for you to return so I can start living again. Stephen King The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them. Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera I’d like to paint you, but there are no colors, because there are so many, in my confusion, the tangible form of my great love. Anonymous So many times I thought I would never find someone to love me the way I needed to be loved. Then you came into my life and showed me what true love really is! Beth Revis, Across the Universe And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars. Ernest Hemingway to Marlene Dietrich I cant say how every time I ever put my arms around you I felt that I was home. Napoleon Bonaparte to Josà ©phine de Beauharnais The charms of the incomparable Josephine kindle continually a burning and a glowing flame in my heart†¦I thought that I loved you months ago, but since my separation from you I feel that I love you a thousand fold more. Each day since I knew you, have I adored you more and more. Victoria Michaels, Trust in Advertising I won’t lie to you. We aren’t going to ride off into the sunset together and have everything fixed overnight. I know that, and I think you do too. But I’m willing to work at it, if you are. I do love you. I mean that with every cell in my body, every breath that I take. I think you’re worth it. I think we’re worth it. I think you could be the great love of my life, Vincent Drake. Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor My blind eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you. Ludwig von Beethoven to Immortal Beloved Even in bed my ideas yearn towards you, my Immortal Beloved, here and there joyfully, then again sadly, awaiting from Fate, whether it will listen to us. I can only live, either altogether with you or not at all.   What longing in tears for you- You- my Life- my All- farewell. Oh, go on loving me- never doubt the faithfullest heart Of your beloved L Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.​